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Cybersmart Aquatics Swim Classes

Cybersmart Aquatics

R 530.00 - R 18,960.00

- Classes will start promptly at the designated time. If you cancel for any reason or do not arrive for your lesson, that class will be forfeited.

- Make Up Policy for Learn-To-Swim (LTS) swimmers only:
A, if you miss your lesson Cybersmart Aquatics will provide you with a make-up lesson only if you provide a doctor’s note or cancel the lesson 48 hours prior to its start. Make-up lessons are valid for a month from the date of the lesson. If you cancel for any reason, attempt to modify or do not arrive on your specific date of your make-up lesson, your lesson will be forfeited.
B, your lesson will be forfeited if the reason for your absentee from the class includes but not limited to:
• Holidays (Family or School)
• Bad or cold weather
• After school activities
• Exams or preparation for exams
C, Should Cybersmart Aquatics cancel the lesson due to unforeseen circumstances; a make-up lesson will be offered.

- All children under the age of 2, or those who are not fully potty-trained regardless of age must wear a tight-fitting nappy with a close-fitting leg and waist ribs on top. (Cloth nappies, regular nappies, are not acceptable). A fully fitted costume is still required to be worn over all this, a swimmer’s nappy is not seen as a costume, and swimmers will not be allowed into the pool if the above is not adhered too.
- All swimmers must obey the instructions of all the swimming coaches.
- Swimming fees are payable monthly in advance.
- The swimming fee is a monthly fee, you are not entitled to a prorate refund if swimming lessons are not available on public holidays.
- Fees are subject to change and notice thereof will be forwarded to members via email one month prior to the change.
- Cybersmart Aquatics requires a one calendar month written notice prior to cancellation of the swimming contract. The full swimming fee for the months of the cancellation is payable in advance.
- When you re-join the club a once-off R299.00 reactivation fee will apply. (Fee is subject to change)
- Cybersmart Aquatics in its sole discretion may terminate a swimmer’s membership.

I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the members and employees of Cybersmart Aquatics, and the agents, officers or representatives of the above, from liability for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained by my child/myself in relation to any activity or event conducted/arranged by or on behalf of any of the above, and I acknowledge that my child/myself participates in any of the above activities or events of their own free will and I accept responsibility for any and all consequences in respect of their/my person and property. I hereby also acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of Cybersmart Aquatics as set out below and agree to abide by it.

We are happy to welcome you to the home of Cybersmart Aquatics at Milnerton Aquatic Centre. We do all we can to encourage you and all our other guests to make the best and safest possible use of the available facilities. That is why we have drawn up some house rules. You need to behave in a way that ensures public order, safety and hygiene. We ask you to read the rules, to observe them and to obey any instructions from the coaches, school staff and pool employees.



  • You must be a member of Cybersmart Aquatics to use its facilities.
  • If you have any kind of medical condition (e.g. epilepsy), we ask you to inform Cybersmart Aquatics about this in advance.
  • Pets (other than guide dogs, for which you will be solely responsible for) aren’t allowed inside.


  • You must store your clothes in the lockers provided in the changing rooms.
  • Please bring one, appropriately sized, high-quality padlock.
  • We don’t guarantee that the use of a locker will prevent theft of or damage to your property, so please check that the locker is actually locked after using the padlock, and check that your personal insurance policy covers you for loss of personal effects.
  • We don’t accept responsibility for any loss or theft of money or loss or damage to personal property belonging to members and their guests, whether locked in a locker or otherwise.
  • You may not leave your clothes in the changing rooms while you swim, nor take them with you into the pool area.
  • The use of the lockers is free of charge.
  • Leave any valuables at home. Do not bring them with you to the swimming pool. We cannot look after your belongings for you at the pool.
  • Check before you leave the swimming pool that you have emptied your locker and have not left anything behind.
  • The swimming pool staff are authorised to remove any clothing left in the changing rooms and will empty all the lockers after the pool closes. If you have left something behind, please let us know at .
  • Lockers may only be used for keeping swimming gear, toiletries and the clothing that you were wearing when you came to swimming.
  • If we have reasonable grounds for thinking that a locker is being used for the storage of something else, we may open the locker (forcibly if needed) and remove any offending items.
  • Lockers are available for use while you’re at the Swimming Pool only.
  • For security, hygiene and other reasons, any belongings left in a locker overnight will be removed and placed in lost property at the owner’s risk.
  • Any belongings removed from a locker or left unattended will be available at lost property until the following week’s Monday, after which they’ll be donated to charity.
  • As a courtesy to staff and other members (particularly children), only designated change- rooms may be used for purposes of undressing and/or for changing in or out of clothing.


  • Children aged 11 and under – who are in our Learn-To-Swim classes - may only enter the pool area if they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them. The adult must be aged 18 or above.
  • Children who do not have an elementary swimming skills must be actively supervised by their legal guardian at all times.
  • Small children who are not yet toilet-trained must wear a swim nappy.

Before you go swimming: 

  • For reasons of hygiene you must take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Soap and/or shampoo may only be used in the showers, never in the pool.
  • You may only enter the pool in swimwear. Topless swimming is not permitted.

Eating, drinking and smoking: 

  • You may not bring any glass items, thermos flasks, cool boxes, your own drinks or your own food into the pool area.
  • You may not take any food and/or drink with you into the water.
  • It goes without saying that the swimming pool is a smoke-free area. This includes hookahs and e-cigarettes.
  • The ban extends to the outdoor lawns.


  • The pool area is slippery when wet, so please be careful when entering. We recommend the wearing of slip-slops to prevent slipping related accidents.
  • Beware: We don’t provide lifeguard supervision.
  • Junior members under the age of 11 – who are in our Learn-To-Swim classes - must be accompanied and actively supervised at all times by their parent(s)/legal guardian(s), who must remain present either in the pool or on the pool deck (or in sufficiently close proximity to the pool if the pool deck has limited space available, in order to properly monitor and observe the junior member).

This rule applies even if the junior member is participating in a swimming/stroke correction lesson/squad training under the instruction of a swim coach. The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) shall always remain accountable for the safety and/or behaviour of their child/children (including throughout the duration of the swimming/stroke correction lesson/squad training).

  • Racing or running around is not permitted for safety reasons, and also because it may inconvenience other visitors.
  • Floating devices such as airbeds, boats, hard leather balls and tennis balls are not permitted.
  • If your child or children swim(s) in the Beginner, Junior or Senior team, parents are not allowed on pool deck, unless invited by the Club or an open lesson is taking place.
  • Please shower before entering the pool, wear a swimming costume and a swimming cap.
  • Lanes must be shared and please swim in a clockwise direction.
  • No unhygienic behaviour in the pool will be tolerated.
  • You may not use the pool if you have a communicable disease, any open sores or wounds.
  • Babies and toddlers must wear aqua nappies or specifically designed baby swim trunks.
  • We’re committed to doing away with single-use plastics, but due to the safety risk of broken glass, no glass of any kind (including water bottles) is permitted in the pool area.


  • Intimate behaviour, welcome or unwelcome, will not be tolerated.
  • Cameras and/or video equipment may not be used in the changing rooms or shower rooms of the swimming pool. If a camera or video equipment is used in violation of this rule, then this may be confiscated by the swimming pool staff.
  • Any items that may cause physical injury, such as knives, syringes (except for diabetics), drugs etc., are not permitted.
  • If there are too many people at the swimming pool, the number of visitors may be restricted in the interest of safety. The manager of the swimming pool reserves the right, in the interest of visitor safety, to change the opening hours of the swimming pool and to close all or part of the complex.
  • For safety reasons, we advise you not to wear any bracelets or earrings in the swimming pool.

Admission denied or your stay terminated: 

  • Admission to the swimming pool may be denied if the instructions/orders of the swimming pool staff are ignored. If this occurs repeatedly, admission may be denied for a limited or unlimited period, in which case your entry or membership fee will not be refunded.
  • Admission will be refused if a visitor is suffering from an infectious disease or has open wounds.
  • Admission will be refused, and for any visitor who:
  • Is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Commits theft (we always report all theft to the police).

The environment:

  • The swimming pool uses a number of environmentally friendly technologies, which also benefit you in various ways. This means that we help the environment, you can have fun in pleasant water, and children can swim safely without getting red eyes.
  • Did you know that urine in the pool is generally the main cause of water contamination? You should therefore always use the toilets.

Liability & Privacy: 

  • Use of the pool is entirely at your own risk.
  • Cybersmart Aquatics does not accept any liability whatsoever for accidents, loss of or damage to visitors’ property.
  • Visitors who cause damage to Cybersmart Aquatics’ property are liable for the full costs of repairing the damage.
  • For your and our safety we make use of video surveillance and registration.


Yours In Swimming,
Cybersmart Aquatics

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