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Cybersmart Aquatics Swimming Caps

Cybersmart Aquatics

R 129.00



Estimated delivery time: 5 days

Our high quality Pacer silicone swimming caps make you stand out from the crowd! Proudly displaying your Team Cybersmart Aquatics affiliation.

Swim caps made with silicone are the most popular among swimmers. The material is thick, comfortable, and durable. They protect your hair and are flexible enough to be removed and worn back with ease. They come in different colors and are the best choice for people with latex allergies.

Available in 5 exciting colours!

100% Silicone.

Silicone caps outlast their latex counterpart, are more tear resistant, and don't tug at your hair. Typically softer to the touch, a silicone cap is gentler on the hair and easier to get on and off after a workout. Those with longer hair will need a snug fit to keep their cap from falling off.

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