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Speedo Centre Snorkel

Speedo Centre Snorkel

R 499.00


The Centre Snorkel eliminates the need to turn your head to breathe, allowing you to focus on technique and body alignment. Improve body alignment - Centre snorkel allows you to breathe without altering your head position, so you can more easily align your head, spine and lower body. Better body alignment reduces drag, increases speed and improves stroke efficiency.

  • Ideal for practising the facedown head position needed for Butterfly and Freestyle
  • Suitable for use with a mask or goggle
  • SpeedFIT head strap for quick and easy adjustment
  • Vibrant multicoloured pattern to stand out from the crowd

Pipe/Strap: PP & TPR
Head strap & mouth Piece: Siilicone

2, 4

One Size

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