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Speedo Fastskin Kickboard


R 860.00


Estimated delivery time: 5 days

The Fastskin Kickboard combines science and speed for the Elite swimmer. Constructed from the latest materials and based on the science behind swimming, Speedo Aqualab have worked with world-class Team Speedo athletes, coaches, sports scientists and global hydrodynamic experts to create a range of Fastskin training aids that are built to meet the specific demands of the Elite swimmer. The Fastskin Kickboard isolates your lower body forcing your legs to do the hard work, leaving you free to focus on your kick technique and improve leg strength.

  • Boat-hull shape on lower surface gives a hydrodynamic profile that improves straight line speed
  • 28% Less drag vs a regular kickboard
  • Textured grip for a comfortable and secure hold
  • Sealed gloss finish for improved durability

Equipment, Kickboards, Training Aids


Fitness, Swimming


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