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Speedo Fastskin Kickfin


R 899.00



Estimated delivery time: 5 days

Combining science and speed for the Elite swimmer. Working smart is an important as working hard. Constructed from optimum materials and based on the science behind swimming, Speedo Aqualab have worked with world-class Team Speedo athletes to create a range of ergonomically designed Fastskin training aids. The Fastskin Kickfins use short dual rail blades to capture more water during your kick, combined with a unique foot pocket formed from 3D foot scan data

  • Uses 3D foot form scan technology to create Speedo’s best ever fitting fin, maximising comfort and power transfer from greater overall foot contact- so you can swim faster with less discomfort for longer
  • Short dual rail blades capture more water during the kick, giving enhanced energy transfer from your kick to the water compared to a flat fin, resulting in greater propulsion
  • Dual material construction makes the fin 40% lighter* for faster turns and reduced hip flexor soreness * vs nearest competitor fin
  • Tread pattern added on sole of foot to give additional grip on turns and when diving off blocks

Foot Pocket: TPR
Strap: TPR
Fin Blade: PP

One Size

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